Sunflower seed spread 250g

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Ingredients: 100% sunflower seeds Store at room temperature. The spread is produced by grinding sunflower seeds. The seeds are carefully ground into a paste retaining all the benefits of sunflower seeds, and the texture allows for easy application in the preparation of a variety of desserts as well as savory dishes. It is a great alternative to nut butters because it does not contain allergens.

Separation of oil on the surface is a normal occurrence. Before use, the butter needs to be mixed well to achieve a creamy texture. The easiest way to do this is with a knife.

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Family Farm

Ruđera Boškovića 70
Kotoriba 40329

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We are a family farm from Međimurje that has been growing field crops in the fields of Međimurje for more than 25 years. We grow cereals, oilseeds, vegetables and laying hens. We process our raw materials and obtain a large number of products such as flour, porridge, semolina, oils and eggs. We also offer teas and offer oil pressing services in oil mills for cold and hot pressing. All details about the products you are interested in can be found on our website